INNS-Sponsored Events at IJCNN 2023

Town Hall Luncheon | Monday 19 June at 12:00 PM

All IJCNN 2023 attendees are invited to attend a Town Hall Luncheon. INNS President Danilo Mandic will introduce attendees to the benefits of Society membership, and Bylaws Committee Chair Irwin King will invite attendees to vote for the proposed Bylaws Changes. Lunch will be provided.

Registration is free, but required.
Register for the luncheon on the IJCNN 2023 Registration Form.


Doctoral Consortium, Student Luncheon, & Mentoring Session | Tuesday 20 June at 10 AM

Select student attendees of IJCNN 2023 will be invited to meet, learn, and network with experts in the neural networks field. Lunch will be provided.

Register by 26 May by clicking here.


XAI / AML Section Meeting | Tuesday 20 June at 7:30 PM

All conference attendees interested in Explainable AI (XAI) and Automated Machine Learning (AML) are invited to join this evening session to learn more about INNS Sections. Appetizers will be provided. 

Registration is free, but required.
Register by clicking here.


Awards Presentation | Wednesday 21 June at 7:30 PM

All those who are registered for the main conference are invited to attend the Banquet and Awards Presentation. The winners of the annual INNS awards and the IJCNN 2023 paper awards will be recognized during the presentation.

Registration is included with conference registration.


INNS DLIA Workshop 2023 | Online Only | Date and Time: to be determined

This special INNS-sponsored workshop aims to explore innovations and applications of Deep Learning and bring together academic researchers and industry professionals. Authors will be invited to submit a paper in the first edition of the INNS workshop series in Procedia Computer Science.

By invitation only